Who Am I ?

Woman is the final draft of God’s creation : ) 

I was born on November 16, 1978. My family is from the city of Baku, Azerbaijan. I am Armenian. I came to U.S as a refugee and I am grateful for everything that this country has offered me. I repay with gratitude by working in the orphanage and by helping American children to rehabilitate from their traumatic past. While I was able to heal most of my wounds on the American soil, paradoxically, I still remained a refugee in my heart. At this point, it is a state of mind, versus a political status.  


I was named Lucina at birth, which means Moon in Armenian. That explains why, I chose the pseudonym Lucia Moon. I am an artist and a scientist in one. My Master’s degree is in Clinical Psychology and I am a professional therapist, in addition to being a songwriter and a recording artist. 

Music is where I found my refuge from aggression, violence and unholiness in today's world. Through music I am the voice of many. Through my songs, I reveal my purpose, love, concerns, intentions and desire to deliver healing. Through my music I  am analyzing yesterday, making changes for today and confessing victories of both,  today and tomorrow. I celebrate Life in every essence of it, because I fully understand the value of this gift. By graciously embracing the loveliest of all responsibilities, to make the best out of my life, I accepted the destiny of a meaningful existence over the selfish indulgence in things of non-spiritual value.

I  know the secret behind human creation. You have evolved not by an accident of an egg meeting a seed, but rather, by a deep purpose and a necessity to be born to make a difference only you can in this world. Each in our own specific way, little by little, we are contributing to the big unstoppable force called Love. What is Love?  It is a supernatural feeling, a thought and finally an action in which we have an opportunity to resemble God himself.  Love is a divine quality. To be able to love and to deliver love in a way that it fits its’ true definition is, truly, the wisdom laying at the foundation of this world.  

Love is a perfect form of art. It is in your bones, in your blood, in your eyes, in your words, in your mind, in your heart; it is the mission, the purpose, the destination.  What are you capable of when you are made of Love?  WOW...  Actually, I am not going to answer this one. I want you to feel the answer!

Here are my views regarding some aspects of life:

  • The best and the worst quality in a Human Being are both starting with the letter “ C”
  • “Compassion”  and “Cruelty”. 
  • Compassion is very sexy! :) 
  • Cruelty is the biggest turn off !  
  • The two most harmful habits in a human are: the lack of gratitude and inability to self-reflect.
  • Happiness in life is when you are connected to the main, eternal source that happiness is flowing from. 
  • Who is a perfect friend? The one who makes you a better person and at the same time, has got your back. 

Who is a perfect enemy? The one who becomes a better person because of you.

What is the purpose of all this writing?

To help people heal, worldwide.

I just wanted to remind you how important your contribution is into today's world. How we all depend on your alert mind and awakened soul, and all the actions, which result from this awakening. 


Any questions? Mail me, and get an answer! 


Lucia Moon .