Who Am I ?

Woman is the final draft of God’s creation

My name is "Lucina" pronounced, "looh seen ah" which in Armenian translates to "it's a/the moon," hence why I chose the pseudonym "Lucia Moon." 

Born November 16, 1978, I emigrated from Baku, Azerbaijan, to the U.S, as a refugee. Now, as an Armenian-American, I am grateful for all of the resources and opportunities this country has afforded me. As a token of my appreciation, I give back by devoting my services/skills to the local orphanages. I owe an immense debt of gratitude to the American children group-homes for hiring me to help rehabilitate and overcome from their traumatic past. Although I healed from most of my past wounds and trauma on American soil, paradoxically, in my heart, I remained a refugee—in this case I define refugee more as a state of mind than a political status.  

I currently hold a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. As of now, I am in the process of obtaining my PSI-D in clinical psychology. In addition to my professional work, I am also a songwriter and recording artist.

However, my ultimate passion is music. In music is where I find my refuge from aggression, violence and the ungodliness that reigns supreme, in today's world. Through music, I am the voice of many. Through my songs, I reveal my purpose, love, concerns, and intentions and desire to deliver healing. Via my music, I analyze yesterday, making changes for today and confessing victories for both, today and tomorrow. Overall, I celebrate every essence of Life, because I truly understand the value of this gift. By graciously embracing the loveliest of all responsibilities, viz. to make the best out of my life, I accepted the destiny of a meaningful existence over the selfish indulgence in things of non-spiritual value.

With my endeavor, I have learned the secret behind human creation: we evolved not because a seed converged with an egg but by devoting a deeper purpose to life; a necessity to make a difference only in the way you can, in this world, each of us in our own way. Little by little, we are contributing to the big unstoppable force called Love. What is Love?  Love is a divine quality. It is a supernatural feeling, a thought and finally an action in which we have an opportunity to resemble God himself. Thus, to be able to love and to deliver love in a way that fits its true definition is, truly, the wisdom that comprises the foundation of this world.  

All in all, love is the perfect form of art. It is in your bones, in your blood, in your eyes, in your words, in your mind, in your heart; it is the mission, the purpose, the destination.  What are you capable of when you are made of Love?  Well, I will not answer this one but rather leave it to you to seek that answer!

Here are my views regarding some aspects of life:

  •     The best and the worst quality in a Human Being are both starting with the letter “C”
  •     “Compassion” and “Cruelty”. 
  •    -Compassion is very sexy! :) 
  •    -Cruelty is the biggest turn off!  
  •     The two most harmful habits in a human are the lack of gratitude and inability to self-reflect.
  •     Happiness in life is when you are connected to the main, eternal source of which that happiness flows from. 
  •     Who is a perfect friend? A friend is someone who makes you a better person and at the same time, "has your back." 

Who is a perfect enemy? An enemy is someone who becomes a better person at your expense.

What is the purpose of all this writing?

To help people heal, worldwide.

In this written piece, I just want to remind you of just how important your contribution is to today’s world. How we all depend on your alert mind and awakened soul, and all the actions, which result from this awakening. 

Have questions? Feel free to email me.


Lucia Moon